More Stupid Is As Stupid Does From Bubba

I Think He Compared Himself To Jesus In The Video

I try to like Bubba Watson, I really do. I’d just gotten over all the whining and bitching from the PGA Championship . Last week, the Golf Channel aired a nice segment showing Bubs with young Tommy Morrissey that made me feel all gooey inside. It is the holiday season, so may be its time to let water go under the bridge and give Mr. Watson a fresh start. Why not?

I’ll tell you why in two words. Bubba Claus. That sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it? Bubba bringing toys to unfortunate kids or something like that, some type of Make-A-Wish event… could this go wrong? Well, it went horribly wrong, quickly. Take a look a Bubba’s latest ‘all about me’ track that he dropped on YouTube this week.

I’m sorry, but anytime a white guy is rapping about…

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Bad, mad and sad: The politics of scrapping the Child Sex Abuse inquiry

Excerpt: “From next month any statement made by a politician will be about positioning themselves for winning the next general election not about the good of governing the country.”

David Hencke

Theresa May, home sercretary.Bad, mad and sad if she scraps the whole inquiry Pic Credit: Theresa May, home sercretary.Bad, mad and sad if she scraps the whole inquiry Pic Credit:

The revelations that Theresa May, the home secretary, is considering scrapping the newly set up independent panel by Mark Watts, editor of Exaro, will have more implications than many survivors can possibly imagine. It will go much further than the anguish shown by panel member and survivor  Sharon Evans, whose heartfelt views are reflected in her letter revealed in the Exaropiece.

Survivors who campaigned for a clean break hope for a new judge led inquiry or Royal Commission compelling everybody to give evidence which will solve all their problems and produce ” an all singing,dancing ” result. Some of them don’t want anybody on the panel at all.

What they are not aware is that a political decision to reshape the inquiry is now competing with a now much bigger political issue: The General…

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Hello bankrupt world!

Hope your people are hanging on ? Don’t worry, it’ll be all-right in 2-3years.

Uncertain times for people living in the western world (USA, UK, Europe), recession is coming or in some cases (has already arrived and has been booked in to a hotel). It’s going to stay round these parts for a while so be prepared for a long visit.